Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer Days

Now that summer is over, I want to share my favorite pictures from some of our little trips around San Antonio.  We visited farms, museums, the zoo, parks and went swimming a lot! Definitely a fun summer!

Sprinklers and side walk chalk with Cole's favorite 3rd grader JP

Time at the neighborhood pool
 Farmer's Market on Saturday Mornings at the Pearl

After-pool bath time with BFF Ellie

Zoo, Park and Pool dates with Galilee

 New Braunfels Children's Museum with our Life Group 

Fiesta Farms with our Life Group 
Picnics and park dates with Bradley and his sisters

Inflatable Wonderland with Ellie
Jamba Juice, Zoo, and backyard time with just mom!
So long summer! You've been SO FUN.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quick Trips to Austin

My parents live less than two hours away, north of Austin, and we take quick trips to visit or meet up with friends about once a month.  I don't always take a lot of pictures when we visit, so here are some of my favorites from the last few trips. :)  Most of our trips, Cole loves to play with the train set, play frisbee with the dog and swim in the pool.  He has a blast every time.

Mimi's voices are pretty captivating.  And squeaky. 
Frisbee Fetching

Born into a Braves loving family.

Cole says hello to the "sleeping bunny.



 A quick trip to visit Morgan! We went to a free park in Round Rock and it was amazing!! 

Where Cole spends most of his time at Mimi and Pops'.
Helping squeeze lemons.
Cole playing "timber" with Pops when he decided to jump forward into the hot tub instead of falling backward into Pops' arms.  A good rescue by my dad! I was clearly worried and taking pictures. hahaha! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cole Henry: Two Years Old

My sweet Cole is two! Madness! He is talking and adding new words and sentences every day.  He loves the ABCs, counting and repeating things we say.  He sings and dances and plays catch by himself. He adores his daddy and celebrates Saturdays more than we do.  He never slows down, and I think he would stay up all day and night if we let him. He adores his buddies from our life group and church. And his cousin Grant, of course. He loves my growing belly and gives the baby hugs all day long. He eats like a man child and still enjoys okra and peas. He can name every family member and asks to FaceTime them constantly. His tantrums are short and almost always end in sloppy kisses and long hugs. Our hearts are full and we are beyond grateful for our not so little Cole Henry. We had such a fun time celebrating you this week with friends and family.